Since being a little child, Aitor Lucenas interest for music has been obsessively increasing throughout the years. After growing up with the music of bands and musicians such as Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull (to name a few), he definitely jumps into music along with Heavy Metal, astonished by the powerful sound of Iron Maiden, Helloween and Blind Guardian (again, to name a few).

Aitor Lucena

So he starts taking guitar lessons and, meanwhile, searches for people to share his musical concerns. Thats how, being a teenager, Aitor Lucena begins taking part in local bands, playing -well, trying to- covers of their idols, but mostly drinking beer, having fun and learning a lot.


Soon Aitor realizes that he could do something on his own, so he starts writing and composing his own material. At first it is simple, immature and schematic due to the lack of experience, but the satisfaction gained from hearing his own creations makes him want to go further in his compositions, so he begins learning from Symphonic and Progressive Rock, Classical Music and, to sum up, from all kinds of complex music.


Aitor Lucena becomes a prog-head and starts experimenting with weird stuff: odd time signatures, tempo changing, long-lasting suites Along with the bands mentioned before, he is strongly influenced by Genesis, ELP, Gentle Giant, Le Orme and all the greatest prog bands, so the time to start a prog band by himself had come. But given the fact that Progressive Rock is not very popular nowadays (specially in Spain), the task wouldnt be easy.


Meanwhile, and working as a teacher, Aitor earns a little money which he invests on several instruments and a humble home studio. In order to get the most from it, he starts studying a Grade in Sound Engineering and keeps on with his compositions.


After several failed attempts to start a band, he decides to record his music on his own and Aitor created ALMS and he saw that it was good